Why You Should Plan Your Date #shorts

Published September 15, 2022 tag category
Why You Should Plan Your Date #shorts

Sex Positions – How To Drive Her Crazy And Sexually Satisfy Her Using ‘The Supported Wheelbarrow’

In this article you’ll discover a powerful SEX POSITION called ‘The Supported Wheelbarrow’. Read about it now and use it to drive your woman crazy and totally SEXUALLY SATISFY her tonight…

Permanent Orgasm Denial and Keeping Your Woman Satisfied

Permanent orgasm denial is a common male fantasy, and one many women would do well to embrace for their men because of the many improvements it brings to their relationships (not least he becomes much more loving and attentive). But that leaves a big question hanging in the air: how do I get mine? We answer that in this article.

Incredible Sex – How To Sexually Satisfy Your Woman Using The Reverse Cowgirl Position

Discover how to SEXUALLY SATISFY your woman and give her incredible sex using the reverse cowgirl sex position. It doesn’t matter what your ‘size’ is or how sexually experienced you are, the techniques in this article will help you to give your woman MUCH BETTER SEX tonight…

The Male Chastity Experience: bokep The Dynamics

The male chastity experience is different for everyone. You can say that all men are the same and the idea of chastity is the same, but that’s not true. It’s very, very wrong actually. In this article, I’ll show you why this is.

How Often Should Your Hotwife Play?

This is a topic for more advanced couples who are currently living the hotwife lifestyle or have definitely decided to “do it” — and now they’re just working out the details. And one detail that’s really important to work out properly and in advance is how often should your hotwife play?

How to Be Wildly Sexy for Your Husband (2 Incredible Tips)

Many women complain that after settling into married life, wild sex turns into boring sex. They don’t stay wildly sexy for their husbands. Their not only lose the sexual interest in them but also do sex infrequently. This situation makes their sex life much more insecure and vulnerable. If you are also insecure about your sex life, you just need to learn the two basic steps.

Best Male Chastity Device – Some Insights From a Serious Keyholder

I often get asked what the best male chastity device is. I really, honestly, and completely cannot answer that, because it will vary per individual. I can, however, give you some examples that might help you out.